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Crying in sleep


My son is nearly a year and for the last 4 nights he has started crying at 4am in his sleep. Has this happened to anyone else? or is it just a phase he is going through?

Thanks xx


  • Hi eldest daughter used to do this when she was 6months old onwards......she also had nights were she would be awake until 2am.....awke 5-10times screaming......then up at 6am for the day.....she had to be referred to a sleep clinic.....but she had to wait until she was 1yr old as they wouldnt take anyone younger.......i had to set her a routine......a set time for afternoon napping (not too late in the afternoon) set time for meals, bath, story, cuddle and bed with the 10minute rule were you leave them to cry for 5minutes and then for 10 and so on......they said that she was having night terrors and that the caus ethey thought could have been because of her very traumatic birth....they also said that the crying in her sleep was because she was getting overly tired through not having a set routine.....I dont know if your son plays up when going to bed but the 10minute rule is heart breaking but it really does works.............ask your GP's advice......he maybe able to help

    Good luck

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