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Hair pulling

Hello everyone,i'm hoping someone out there can help. My 22 month old daughter has started to pull out her own hair!! I've spoken to my health visitor about it and she didn't know what to say!

My daughter pulls from the same side every night whilst going to sleep, and when she frustrated during the day, I've tried putting gloves and a hat on her whilst she's going to sleep,but worry that she's going to over heat. My partner keeps saying it's a comfort thing and she'll grow out of it, but i don't want her to grow out of it,i want her to stop now. I've had to have her cut short, because it is really starting to show where she's pulling!!

 She's ever such  a happy little girl, apart form the hair pulling, bless her little heart.

 If anyone has had to deal with this themselves, i'd really appreciate some advice.

 Thankyou for reading : )


  • I had a cousin used to do this,he'd suck his thumb and pull his hair out.Hejust grew out of it.

    Slightly different,but my son used to pull his eyelashes out.I think your partner's right,it's a comfort thing.He did just stop doing it(he was much older).

    You can get scratch mittens,they might be of help,some Mums of  kids with bad excema use them to stop  scratching at night.That wouldn't cause over heating.I think at 22  months,your daughter is past the biggest danger age with the overheating,but still you want her to be comfortable.Could you introduce a large fluffy toy to be comfort toy?Just another idea.My 20 month old has a big soft fluffy monkey she calls Binky,she's really taken to him lately.

  • Thankyou for the advice, she usually takes a baby doll with her to bed, and  also has a  "taggie toy she's had since she was little"

    I will look into scratch mitts, she used to have some when she was newborn, didn't know they did them in bigger sizes.

    Thanks again.x.

  • i was about to say taggies, my son has one and its the best thing ever for keeping his hands busy, he was a scratcher,

    hope you find a solution soon, its so hard when they do something that distresses us (but usually not them)

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