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Tantrums of a 22MO

Hi I'm new to madeformums!

i have friends with children of all different ages but none who currently have a toddler!! any one out there having problems with tantrums at the moment?? My beautiful boy is so loving and funny! But the tantrums are terrible! is this normal am I being naive?! 


  • This made me chuckle! Tantrums are completely normal or in my case they r haha. Edward is now 2 and he was very bad when he was a little younger as he couldn't tell me wat he wanted so would just start crying and throw himself on the floor. Sometimes headbutt things when I was looking or me! He's gotten better as he tell me wat he wants so if he starts crying or getting fussy I ask him wats wrong? Normally he says biscuit or cake lol which of course if he can't hav at the time can make him worse!

    He had a melt down the other day coz he didn't want his wellies on. Lasted 15 mins, poss more. Got to the point I put my coat on and said right mummy going out then he put on his wellies like he hadn't thrown him at me haha! Also getting him out of the bath can b pain so I've started getting him to say bye to things and that seems to b helping. Well for now at least. Hope this helps :) 

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