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Best bottles for reducing colic/wind?

Hi ladies, I know I'm in the wrong forum but I thought perhaps you will be able to help me as the more opinions I have the better really: I'm needing your opinions on what bottles you think are best for reducing colic/wind?

DS2 is 4 weeks old and is currently on Avent bottles. He doesn't suffer as such with severe colic but he does have trouble bringing up his wind, he is on Infacol which seems to help slightly, but he doesn't always burp when winded (even after being winded for 20 minutes or so), I have tried winding with him sat on my knee, over me shoulder, tilting his little body and laid over my knee but he just wont part with it! He then ends up with tummy ache and really whiney. I then have to try winding him again and he eventually brings up a little bit but not enough as he ends up with hiccups! So I was thinking that if I can use a bottle that reduces the air intake then perhaps he is less likely to suffer as will have less wind to bring up.

I tried TT and Dr Browns with DS1 and wasn't overly impressed, but if any of you have tried them, or any others, and had success I will be happy to hear your stories as I hate seeing my little man suffering.

Thank you.

Sam, Harrison & Daniel

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