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think we have swine flu

we were up at the hospital earlier in the week and i think we may have caught it. (me, Emily & DS1 and possibly DS2 aswel) i googled the symptoms & we have them all, although the symptoms are similar to a harsh virus. Emily slept ALL night which is very unusual!! She is burning up! I ache everywhere and hate the thought of my babies feeling like that too.

Why now??? Why Christmas. :cry::cry:


  • think i will hun. Every inch of my body hurts! My poor babies - they must feel awful. xx
  • poor you. Definately lots of virus and bugs around. Most people I know have got colds and the moments or a few have the flu.

    Put of interest what is the different between swine flu and normal flu apart from teh origin. Are the symptoms different?

    Get plenty of rest and hope you get to enjoy some of tomorrow. If not, you could just delay your present opening to another day in teh holidays xx
  • Oh no, that's rubbish. Def ring NHS direct or your out of hours GP. DD was prescribed anti virals for suspected SF when there was last an outbreak. In hindsight I do just think that docs were overreacting cos it was so highly publicised last time. Hope you all start feeling better soon, plenty of calpol and nurofen for the littlies.


  • Try not to panic, the husband of a girl i work with was told he had swine flu...he was in the doctors with chest pains, couldn't speak, sweat was streaming off him and he was violently shaking with the fever, they nearly had to call an ambulance for him...2 doses of antibiotics later he's absolutely fine so it couldn't have been swine flu! There are a lot of nasty bugs out there at the moment!! Hope you're all better soon x
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