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Help with shopping

Ok was hoping for some shopping help image.

Since ds2 has come along I've had a dilemma as I love the hodge podge range from mamas and papas that ds1 has and could not find another I liked. This was resolved by the fact ds1 is going to be having a full single bed soon so his interior will not fit (designed for a cot bed), so we decided ds2 will have this with some extra we have brought and ds2 can have a new safari themed room as he loves animals. My problem now is I love the way the hodge podge duvet is textured and the mat is shaped and the clock is quirky and can not find these things to the same standard. I know I'm being fussy but want to make the room look good and be fun.

So far I have monkeys for tie backs, an excellent safari animal stencil and some lovely toy animals to place around the room but are missing a rug, pullow, clock and duvet set. Any help would be great as been going through all the shops and online and no luck image
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