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i have been told by my head today that the head of dept job will be advertised next week with a view to the job starting after easter. i have a week and a half head start to work on my application before the advert goes live so to speak.

i am hoping that some of you might be able to help me with some points and topics to include in my letter of application.

thanks in advance


  • thanks jsut trying to get some ideas together to make things easier when the application pack comes out.
  • Ooh how exciting. Is this for primary or secondary? and which subject?

    AS HoD in secondary school when I did my application I talked about the ways in which I would move the department forward and raise student attainment. I also mentioned previous management experience and secondments. You could also focus on the typical 'behaviours' for the job such as leadership skills, interpersonal skills when dealing with other staff etc. Relate your examples to how you have led a team / managed other staff etc to prove your leadership skills. You could also talk about new ideas and initiatives that you would like to try etc. In our school we do things like 'Hall of Fame' where each half term a selection of kids are recognised for their achievement and effort on a big display board. We also send postcards home to say things such as 'little Johnny has worked well this term'. Little things can make a big impact. Be creative.

    Good luck, Haze (DiM) image
  • thanks haze that has given me lots of ideas. it is head of history in a secondary school. my head of dept has just left due to ill health so the position is vacant at the moment so he looking to appoint to start after easter. i am currently part time (60%) so it would mean a move back to full time. just feel that i have to at least show my interest in applying for the job even if i have no chance of getting it. i have been there since my nqt year and will be doing my threshold for ups2 next sept so i have been the milage there so to speak so have the relevant teaching experience. the hod has been on and off for long periods over the last 4 years and i have usually taken on the responiblities associated with the job with out being asked and NEVER EVER thanked for doing it but hey thats another story.
  • Use the job descritpion/person specification to help. When we were shortlisting we had that out and kept referring back to it when we read each candidates personal statement.

    And like others have said sell yourself! Tell them why they need you. Have a look at the job seekers forum on the tes website. It's really helpful.

    Good luck!

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