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I have decided to get rid of my lo dummy, he is 15 mths+ and he is good only has it at nap times and bedtime if it falls out he doesnt wake for it!

Have put him to bedas usual for nap and no dummy and was prepared for crying and to do cc but he just talking lol!!

Has been in his cot for half hour now, just not sure as dont want him not having naps as he grumpy otherwise!!

Anybody got any tips or wisdom from own experiences??



  • Leave him. Its how my little lady gets to sleep now she doesnt have her dummy.

    It will take time and his nap might be slightly out today but talking to himself is better than we had - we had lots of screaming for a couple of weeks before she learned to 'talk to herself to sleep'!!

    And I sometimes find now that O wont actually sleep but the quiet time playing in her cot chatting away is often enough to refresh her.
  • Thanks!

    I gave in today but gave him the dummy that he dont really like lol! He began crying and i tried to hold out and went in to settle him and he just got overworked and guess i just wanted him to have nap as we goin out in bit!! Am going to strong! x
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