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How much fruit is too much???

Louis is 23 months next week and is MAD on fruit!!!

In one day, he has;

1 apple

a couple of handful of raisins

1/2 punnet of blueberries

3/4 handfuls of grapes

1 banana

He also has toast or porridge at breakfast.

A lunch of sarnies, crackers and buffet type stuff or maybe some fish fingers and potato waffles or beans and sausages.

Then dinner he has something like a homemade curry, mac & cheese, cottage pie, sausage and mash or maybe quick dinners like the hot lunches I described.

Plus, he will have one or two fruity yoghurts!!

I know his meals are balanced. And over the last few months he has been so good at eating most things, but do you think the snacks contain too much fruit? xx


  • my son is 14 months and he also loves to snack of fruit, i asked the HV about this and she wasnt concerned, he has 1 or 2 satsumas, 1 banana, some grapes, raisins and dried apricots each day. SHe said although the fruit contains a lot of sugar it as all naturally occuring and much better than any kind of processed snacks. SHe did suggest to maybe replace the raisins with some carrot or cucumber sticks to balance the fruit and veg, but my son didnt seem as keen as the HV!!!image
  • No I offer carrot sticks but he doesn't seem keen at all.

    And if on a plate, he will eat cucumber cubes but he'd opt for an apple or banana first!!

    His nappies are always a treat but I suppose it is a small price to pay to know he is getting the right stuff!

    Thanks hun, put my mind at ease!! xx
  • My lo is 16 months and he always eats fruit too!

    In a day he'll have his morning snack of handful of grapes or raisins or apricots, then for afters at lunch he'll have the same or a banana or blueberries, then other bits after dinner. He's not so bad at snacking on them but that could be cos he can't ask for them yet! but will eat loads after his main meals.

    I think it could be a whole lot worse, much better having all that than crisps and sweets!

    My lo is also not keen on the cucumber and carrot sticks funnily enough!!

  • I've been wondering this as well because my 20 month old eats loads of fruit & will sometimes choose it over a real meal. Yesterday he ate 7 satsumas, a pear, dried banana and dried mango and he often eats dried apricots, pineapple, strawberries, apple, banana etc. As the others say it's better than biscuits and crisps! I think as long as it's not causing an upset tummy or diarrhoea then can't be any harm

  • It does cost a small fortune though!! haha!

    Louis isn't too keen on satsumas, and when I buy them, they are the only fruit left at the bottom of the bowl.

    Blueberries are popular at the moment, but thats ok as they are in season so not too expensive!

    Looking forward to strawberries coming back into season. We will go and "Pick Your Own" this year I think as he will be old enough to understand not to eat every one he picks up!! :lol:

    I call raisins "sweets" and Louis gets so excited!! image
  • Carrot sticks met with resistance here as well. Sticks of raw pepper are popular though - much sweeter than carrot but a wee change from fruit...
  • havent tried the raw pepper, must give that a go!! tried cherry tomatoes but he wasn't keen. do you just give any colour?

  • Isabelle is 17 months and also has at least that much in a day, we think she may have fruit bat in her blood!

    She helps herself from ANY fruit bowl, ours is at her height, and she takes it as and when she wants, often not stopping for it to be peeled.

    She will steal lemons given the chance too!

    Unless we go out and then I take a packet of 'crisps' fruit are our main snack, pudding and persuader!

    Bets XxX

    p.s. we use cloth nappies, and I can tell when she has had too many blueberries, the stains are awful!
  • Any colour of pepper except green. Orange seem to be the sweetest, ds1 loves them! I always stick some of them on the side of his plate if he's having a 'lazy mummy' meal like cheese or peanut butter on toast - I feel better if he gets some veg too!
  • Both of my daughters are both big fruit fans!

    Just a word of warning though, my oldest gets a really sore bum with citrus fruits if she eats too many.

  • i have a fruit bat too!! it doesnt bother me.. although when she did polish off a whole punnet of blueberries i did worry. she was fine but her nappy was purple the next day!! :lol:

    sarah85- isnt that the whole idea of "pick your own"?! one for mouth, one for basket! :lol:image
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