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What time does your lo eat ?

Currently my dd has breakfast when we get up which is around 6.30am when i'm working or 7.30-8.30 when i'm not. She has lunch around midday, sometimes 11.30 if she's hungry and dinner usually between 4pm & 4.30pm.

I give her the meals at that time as its the same as nursery and gives her dinner time to digest before bed. However i'm finding preparing dinner for 4pm a bit of a pain, especially if I do us all the same as it means me and hubby having to warm ours up later. I'd rather do dinner for 5pm-5.30pm, does that seem too late ??


  • I dont think thats too late.

    We had a similar problem. If LO isnt at nursery we usually feed him at 5ish. We dont eat with him though, as im never hungry at that time. We did to begin with but i was finding i got hungry again around 8ish and then putting on weight!!

    We now feed LO at his dinner time and eat together once he's gone to bed. We dont usually have the same, as we try to give him a warm lunch, which means he has sandwiches/crumpets for tea.

    When he gets older we do plan to feed him slightly later....say around half 5 ish and the maybe eat with him, but we'll see what happens xx
  • We feed our LO around between 5-5.45pm and she then goes to bed between 6.30-7pm every night and it suits her ok.

    I worry about putting her to bed on a full tummy but it doesn't seem to bother her.xx
  • we have brekkie at half 7, snack at 10, lunch at 12, then snack at 3 and dinner at 5 and she goes to bed at half 6 image
  • we have breakfast at about 7.30am, lunch at about 12pm, snack at 3pm and tea at 5pm...if he's at nursery he has lunch at 11.30am and tea about 4-4.30pm then he comes home and has a bowl of porridge at 7pm x
  • we have breakfast at 8am, lunch at 12noon, and dinner at 5-5.30ish, i used to give snacks inbetween meals but have had to stop as he was being far too fussy as he wasnt really hungry! as soon as the snacks stopped, he eats everything put in front of him!
  • We have breakfast around 7.30am. Lunch is around 12 and he has a snack at 3pm then tea is 5pm. He is in bed by around 6.30pm.
  • wake up has bf about 7.15 breakfast about 8.30 lunch 11.45 - 12.00 sometimes later if he wants a sleep by 11.30, as we eat the same we have dinner about 5.00. In bed for 7pm.
  • My ds (2.5) has dinner at 6pm - I do feel that's as late as I like it to be, but that's when hubby gets in from work, and I do feel it's worth him eating at that time so we can all eat together, he eats so much better with us, as well as not having to cook twice. He doesn't go to bed til 8 though. But to be honest he was eating 5.30-6ish when he ate on his own as a baby (hubby got home later then).

    DD is nearly 7 months and eats any time between 5 and 6.30, depending on when she sleeps, but she's not really eating the same as us yet (although she has a lot of our meals blitzed for the next day).

    Ds has breakfast about 8.30, snack 10.30, lunch 12-1 (if it's 12 it's to fit in with dd rather than because he's hungry), snack 3.30-4, dinner at 6.

    If I were you I'd introduce a healthy snack in the afternoon and do her dinner a bit later.
  • Breakfast is whenever he wakes up so anytime between 7am and 9am. Lunch usually around 12/12.30pm. We have tea anytime between 4.30pm and 6pm, depending on if I'm working that night. I prefer to give Riley his tea later rather than earlier as I find that he eats more then, like last night I was working and hubby gave him tea at 6pm and he ate loads where normally he never does very well at teatime. x
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