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being sick, what to feed him?

hi all, my ds is 22months and has randomly been vomiting over the last 3 days (he's not thrown up since he was about 5 months old and went on soya milk) doesn't seem to be connected to anything and he's only been sick 6 times in the last 3 days, so not a lot of times, but a lot of it, iyswim?...i don't wanna give him anything thats gonna make it worse etc, so after he threw up all his milk this morning i've avoided anything dairy related, but all he's had so far today is half a bowl of shreddies and a banana (plus fluids ofc) as it's coming up to dinner time i'm worried what to gve him for his dinner, are eggs ok if he's being sick? if so was thinking somehting light like eggy bread or soemhting, but don't wanna give him anything too heavy, or too flavour full that'll iritate, but also don't wanna give him just plain toast or plain pasta etc as i dpoubt he'll eat it.

thanks xxx


  • i would try something plain like mash potatoe, chicken and veg.
  • we stick to toast and arrowroot biscuits when LO is vomiting as we found everything else just made it worse, hope hes better soon x
  • any sign of sick and i get out the rich tea's better to give him plenty of fluids and as little food as possible and it should soon pass x
  • thanks the end he had some rice cakes and crackers, he was definately hugry as kept asking to go in his chair (at the table)...had phoned the doc this morning but all he said was it will soon pass (whatever it is) and to keep him hydrated...completely off his milk, and didn't even want a biscuit bless him...his banana at lunch came back up, but not until 5pm...seems to be no real pattern to it, sometimes imediately after eating and sometimes hours later...started saturday, he woke up in the morning covered in sick and then was sick again after putting one bit of cereal in his mouth, then that was it, then sunday he was sick after his lunch, and then again after his afternoon nap, then today he was sick this morning immediately after his milk, and then again at was the worst, not sick wise, but yesterday and saturday he seemed fine in himself, but this morning he was really quiet and melancholy, perked up after his nap though...really hope he's brighter tomorrow x
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