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do you give vitamins and growing up milk?

i am thinking of doing this as my son seems to be fussy eater at mo? but will it be to much? i rang hv and she didnt seem to no!


  • we got advised not to bother if LO had a healthy varied diet, so we dont, i suppose if your LO is continually a fussy eater it may be worth seeing the gp about vitamin drops maybe, cant say i am a fan of the milk really x
  • we give cows milk and vitamin drops, they recommend the multi vit in our area as a precaution against rickits which is on the rise.
  • Hi

    We give toddler milk as Ty's is not the best eater. Also give him abidec vitamins with HV recommended. Was advised to stay on toddler milk for the extra iron until his diet improves.


  • also my son doesnt like red meat.
  • ds can be a faddy eater (particularly where veg is concerned :roll: ), so i'm going to get him some vits, i can't do the growing up milk as he's on soya milk (cows milk intolerant) so will ahve to be the vits...tbh, i would stick to cows milk and just give vits, i've heard the growing up milk can be quite sweet so maybe difficult in the long run to switch back to cow's...and i would only give one or the other, i would bother giving vits AND toddler milk, might be a bit much. x
  • Hi, My 3 year old has always had cows milk and a daily vitamin as he's a poor eater

  • well i went to chemist today and vot abidec drops with omega 3, and asked pharmacist, and he said they were fine even with toddler milk. carson drinks this or cows milk, he will drink any milk! his eating is little at mo, due to teething so if he picks up i may drop toddler milk.
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