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Hunger strike again..


Ty is 14 months and is once again on hunger strike, he did this before. Then he was ill with a sickness bug, when he got better he started to eat really well. Now, he's had his mmr and has 6 teeth coming though (including molars) and he's just refusing to eat. I dont know what to do, dont want to make an issue of it as that didn't help the last time. He's still having 2 bottles during the day (and one through the night) but he has no apetite. A yoghurt and cheerios are the most he will eat at the moment.

Any ideas ?



  • my son is like this when ill/teething, i think just go with it. even in pain/illness if he is hugry , hunbger will take over. give neurofen to help with pain so he feels ,ore able to eat comfortably. cheerios and yogs are exacily all my son will eat if teething! odd. but he will sometimes eat, ryvita with melted cheese on, cold apple from fridge cut into chunks,fruit tubes-fruit smoothies in-you can mix with yog if he cant yet drink from the tube itself.
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