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White poo/milk problem

Hi my daughter is 15 months I've only recently stopped giving her formula (aptamil follow on) she now drinks cows milk but this past week some of her poos have been almost White in colour (sorry tmi) also she's very miserable and has been waking up in the night screaming which is very unusual for her as she has always slept through do you think the milk is the problem ?

Any suggestions




  • could well be,either way something up.sounds like constipation to me,go and get her looked at hun to be
  • given that infant formula is cow's milk, i doubt very much that this is the cause, also the signs of cows milk intolerances and allergies do not include white poo...definately sounds like something is up though, perhaps a visit to the doctor, or even a call to ur hv would help, but really doesn't ring any dairy intolerance bells at all....hth x
  • GC as I saw your post on the side bar bit, but I just wanted to say that I'd go and see your doctor if I was you, I know that white poo is one of the less 'normal' colours of poo and can indicate a lack in something or less commonly, a problem with the liver or gallbladder.

    We've had quite a variety recently and I only know this about white poop as it's one that quite a few sites mentioned (when I was googling!).

    Hope it's nothing. x
  • I took her to the doctors and he suggested putting her back on the formula just to make sure she hasn't got that stomach bug thats going about. He said she was perfectly healthly he checked her stomach and it was fine. I have an appointment with the health visitor this week as well.

    She's now back on the formula and the white poo and the diahhrea has stopped
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