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Lactose Intollerance?

Does anyone has a LO that is/was lactose intollerant and can advise me what the symptoms were for you?


  • hi, my ds (23months) is milk intolerant, his has been from a baby thought so symptoms may be different in older children...he had green poo, screaming when farting/pooing, projectiling the whole feed every feed, rock hard stomach, eczema
  • We have always had problems with her vomitting a lot, rarely projectile but especially bad after certain foods like dairylee(sp) type cheese, yogurts, porridge with milk powder in already etc but also on certain types of formula. She had excema as a young baby but not anymore. But now we're trying to move her over gradually to cows milk and the explosive diarroea has started up to 5 times a day. This weekend I put her back on toddler milk and ????t's firmed up and only 2 times a day. I'm uncertain because she has signs but not all the symptoms.
  • lizzie is allergic to milk but its not the lactose its the protien. her consultant said one of the main symptoms of lactose intollerance is fizzy poo and lots of it!!
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