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advice? crying at children making noise!

my son seems to be doing this weird thing of crying and gettinh so upset if a child makes any loud noises,from crying to playing and screetching. he doesnt do it in loud enviroments like nursery,outside.but in doors with friends round or other peoples houses. they only have to talk loud and he cries. he runs over to me really upset. i dont undertsnad this at all.


  • What do you do with him when he runs over upset ?

    I cant really think of any advice ? When charlotte was really little, like 3 months old she used to cry if other babies cried but for a toddler its completly different i'd guess ??
  • just comfort him.
  • maybe he has super sensitive hearing?? buy him some drums and get him used to enjoying loud noises?? x x x
  • My little once does this around other children her age/size but she's fine with older kids, she's 13 months now.

    I have no idea what to do other than comfort her!
  • My DS who is 14 months does this whenever anyone speaks loudly/shouts in a home environment too (never at toddler groups). So at home, if I'm upstairs and shout down to my DH, DS will immediately run to me all upset, same if anyone else does it too. I've always comforted him, reassured him that nothing is wrong, it's perfectly normal and will continue to do this.

    Personally I've just put it down to him not being used to hearing people raise their voices at home and never been worried about it xx
  • i worry about it as he gets so upset and it makes socialising with others in the home very difficult
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