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Toddler with reins?

My little boy just won't hold my hand when we go out (he is nearly 18 months) so my friend suggested reins. I am not a fan of them, I was the same with a dummy, but can see the obvious benefits. Does anyone else use them? I hardly see anyone with them and none of my friends use them so wonder if they are old-fashioned and something else has replaced them now? Any particular brands that are good?

Thanks for any replies


  • We got a backpack with a strap (think it was a Lindam one) as we don't like reins either. DS1 would happily wear this until he realised we were holding the strap & then he would refuse to move, so for us it was a waste of money.

    We started telling him that his choices were holding hands/side of the pushchair or he would have to go in the pushchair. After a few times of going in the pushchair he realised we meant it & started walking nicely.

    Good luck!!
  • We sometimes still use them and our dd is 3! We rarely use her stroller as she's getting too big but she's a wanderer who doesn't listen that well once she's determined to go somewhere! I usually pack them along in case she's become unmanageable.

    Her reins are a monkey backpack and I've recieved nothing but compliments on them. Good luck - your LO just has to get used them and once he catches on he still has 'freedom' he'll be OK image
  • ds uses reins if we're going for a short walk, or just popping to local shops, lots of busy roads etc round here so not safe enough just to let him hold my hand, plus as have dd too it's struggle to hold his hand and push the pram, he doesn't mind them at all...i do quite often see people with the back pack wrist strap reins, which i guess is the newer version xx
  • I bought some cheap ones from boots the other week and ds wouldn't wear them he just kept trying to take them off and threw a paddy in town! I've not really tried them since though as I haven't needed to but maybe if I perservered he would, but a backpack one would probably be better. x
  • Thanks gals, I will investigate the backpack ones. Funny how I said I didn't see anyone with reins, I went for a walk with LO this afternoon and saw 3 other toddlers with them!!!

    Thanks again
  • Lizzie has just turned 14 months and she wont hold hands for longer than 2 mins and although im not a fan of reins she does now have a pair! i never used them with dd1 and never had to even think about them but lizzie is a child who needs them (mainly due to straight jackets being against the law?! lol)

  • I love reins! My DS is 14 months and we've been using them for about a month now. They are so easy, cheap, versatile and safe for you and baby. I don't have to bend down and if he falls, I can save him from hurting himself.

    Back-pack ones are definitely more fashionable but I love the old fashioned ones best and there's still lots of users of both out there.

    Couldn't be without mine and LO would definitely say the same if he could talk, as he loves nothing better than a walk/run around outside, splashing in the puddles xx
  • i think they are great invention,great back up when holding hands with wiggly fish hands,cheap and son doesnt like them,but he is getting better with holding hands. but i still used them as he got used to them.
  • I love ours, got them from Boots and have used them a few times with ds, who's 15 months. I find they are so much safer than holding hands, not that he won't hold my hand, just that if he twists away and runs he could be in danger within seconds. With the reins, he's independent enough to still be able to walk at his own pace and within a small radius of me, but I have total control over where he goes and so he isn't going to be hurt or get lost. He's a very confident walker, but sometimes unexpected things trip him up, and I can take a lot of the brunt of the fall by slowing him so he doesn't hurt himself that way either. I love them! image
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