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finger food/dinner-ideas

my son has finally started eating better-for now! he wont be fed,but doenst seem interested in cutlery. he isnt keen on anything wet/sloppy so sauces on things are out,ect.

i am running out of ideas for meals. has anyone got any dinner ideas they find there LO'S like? something i could try?


  • My daughter likes fishfingers (I remove the breadcrumbs), potato waffle and peas. I cut the fish and potato waffle into little bits for her x
  • How about omelette? My son also loves roast carrots which have much more flavour than boiled! Quiche can be eaten with fingers as can small pieces of roast chicken as it is usually quite tender. How about pasta with something like pesto - not wet like a sauce but can be eaten with fingers?

    Homemade pizza is also good - bake a small round cut out of ready roll puff pastry with whatever toppings you fancy. Soft goats cheese makes a good base with tomatoes on top.

    Hope this helps.

  • thanks he eats fishfingers and pizzas,chips,potatoe hash browns, im going to try roast potaotes
  • Have you tried eggy bread,mine love it
  • yeah he was ok with it but not impressed, i may try again. he doesnt seem to like egg
  • DS1 loves wraps - normally with chicken, peppers, onions & cheese.

    DS2 isn't quite ready for cutlery so we often have things that he'll eat as finger food, although he doesn't mind getting messy!

    How about:

    Pasta with mixed veg, tinned salmon & grated cheese

    Roast dinner - chopped up meat, roast potatoes, veg & yorkshire pudding
  • My LO will not tolerate wet/lumpy foods at all but is ok (ish) with some finger foods.

    I make her homemade chicken nuggets/breaded chicken.

    Parmesan chicken (literally v thin chicken breast, dipped in egg white, then parmesan and grilled.

    Chicken and butter bean burgers

    Sweetcorn pancakes





    Stuffed pasta either with a sauce or just butter and cheese

    Tortilla pizza

    Carbs wise she will only really eat potato atm so she is living off of potato waffles, wedges, smilers, hash browns, roast potatos! Occasionally she will eat a bit of yorkshire pudding and a couple of pieces of pasta but I think she likes the soft, melt in the mouth texture of potato. She used to love stuff like garlic bread, flatbreads but won't eat more than a couple of bites of stuff like that now.

    My niece is a going through a real fussy eating phase and will often only eat sausages and cooked penne - totally plain. Not even with butter on!!

  • weirdly carson had beans,saus and chips last night and it was so fgunny! his face was covered in beans! he just kept chucking it on his mouth! i really dont mind as a while ago he would of hated the feel of beans.
  • My DS loves roasted vegetables cut into fingers, particular favourites are butternut squash, sweet potatoes and parsnip. He also enjoys fingers of courgette and carrots.

    My DS wasn't keen on eggy bread until I put jam on it and then he devoured the lot, probably not that healthy but nice as a treat now and again xx
  • im going to try the sweet potatoe chips tonight!
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