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She won't use potty at home (also in Potty Training)

Just wondered if anyone had any experience of their child using the potty at nursery / childminders but refusing at home. My LO is almost 3 and we tried to potty train last summer using pull ups but didn't get anywhere.

So we gave up (I gave birth to 2nd LO in Nov so have been quite busy since!) but recently she's been showing an interest again. At childminders (where a little boy who is 5 months older and now potty trained also goes) she will sit on the potty and even went 6 times the other day. Yet get her home and she refuses to even sit on it. Childminder encourages her to sit on potty at same time as the little boy - and sometimes she'll do a wee sometimes she won't. Don't think she knows when she needs to go - think the successes are pure luck to be honest.

We've tried stickers as an incentive. Have also tried dressing her in knickers and she just wets them and seems surprised it's happened - which suggests she doesn't know when she needs to go yet.

Any experience / advice / reassurance appreciated.

Thanks, Liz x


  • We have exactly the same problem! Abby will happilly wee on the potty at the childminders, but will not do it at home for love nor money! Sometimes she will sit there for about 30 seconds and then leap off - othertimes she'll scream and cry at the mention of the word "potty".

    Sometimes when she's in knickers at home she'll tell me she needs a wee and ask to have a nappy on - other times she'll go out into the hall and wee on the floor, but she will not wee on the potty or the toilet!

    So I don't have any advice (I will be watching this thread very carefully) but I did want to ask - if you don't think your LO is ready, then why don't you just hang on a few weeks and try again? There really is no rush (although tell that to my in-laws!) and they all get out of nappies in the end!

  • Glad its not just us!! To be honest Nikki I'm not trying too hard to encourage her - partly because I'm still not convinced she knows when she wants to go and partly to avoid the tantrums she has when I do 'encourage' her. I just ask her every hour whether she wants to sit on the potty and try for a wee. And I usually get a resounding 'NO'!

    I know she's showing off in front of the little boy at childminders but it makes me feel a bit of a failure and lazy when I speak to childminder after the weekend and report that she hasn't used the potty once.

    I may ask the childminder to follow my lead by asking her every hour if she wants to go but not making a big thing of it.

    Hope we get some more posts and plenty of advice!!

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