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advice needed on NHS and tests?!

Hi Ladies,

This is off topic but could really do with your help.

My neice was hospitalised last may with a rare illness called HSP, my sister was obviously worried sick as my neice was only 4. She had it really rough and was told her bowel could fail and she was having scans to check her bowel which showed that the HSP had caused problems with it. She had to have her urine monoitored every day for months too, and my sister was given sticks to do this at home but has since run out.

Anyway, the HSP started with Erin complaining of sore legs, then she had bad stomach pains and eventually couldnt even walk, and for about a month then struggled to walk at all.The doctors said that as shes had it she will most likely have it again. Erin has been complaining of sore legs and pains in her tummy for a couple of days, my sister took her to the doctors on the first day and the doctor just asked about her appetite and was pretty useless and didnt do any tests and sent my sister away with nothing. so she took her to the walk in center yesterday, and still no tests etc..they refused to even check her urine for protein (when she was ill before she had sky high amount of protein in her wee)

My sister is going out of her mind with worry, and is so scared that Erins getting ill again but doesnt seem to be getting any there anyway you can demand for them to scan her or take blood tests etc? My sister has even said she'll pay to have private MRI's and tests done if the NHS dont but how do you go about this? Any advice would be much apprecaited.


  • Hi,

    She can demand to be referred and her GP can't refuse. She can also demand a urine test if she turns up to an appointment with a sample.

    If I were in her position I'd be refusing to leave the consulting room until I got what I wanted!

    B xx
  • Just wanted to add that she could also buy her own urine tests.

    I use this website for OPKs and they're really good. These are the tests that a GP would use. They're very simple to use - just dip in the pee and match the coloured squares to the guide after a minute.

    B xx
  • I have no further advice, as MN's got some great stuff there. i'd be kicking up a stink too - it sounds really scary. Just wanted to send you a bit of a virtual hug, chick, and let you know I'm thinking of you all. x x x
  • I'm a nurse and the more you complain the better the service. Ask to speak to the manager even the G.P will have a manager and explain your anxiety. Say you want an explanation and tests and if this does not happen you will take it further !!!! Like the others said !!! Basically be loud !!!

    Its sad its like that but if it was my child I would be very loud !!!

    Hope she is ok xx
  • Oh PB image tell her to bring a chain and lock and tie herself to the drs chair that'll wake the useless shit up image Hope the wee chicken gets sorted soon xx
  • Quote "She can demand to be referred and her GP can't refuse. She can also demand a urine test if she turns up to an appointment with a sample"

    She can demand all she likes, the GP doesn't have to do what she wants.

    Quote "Ask to speak to the manager even the G.P will have a manager and explain your anxiety"

    She could do this but remember the practice manager is an employee of the GP practice, which is usually owned by the GPs. They are the practice manager's bosses.

    I really hope your little niece is ok. Does she have a rash? There is usually a purple/red non-blanching rash with HSP. If she doesnt have one that is a good sign. Often HSP requires no specific treatment, just monitoring, that is even if the child has the illness, however i can completely undertand her mum wanting to know and there is a small risk of complications. I don't know why the GP didn't check the urine for protein/blood. Did she ask the GP why not?

    I think if the child is getting worse she should take her back to the surgery or the out of hours GP and if they refuse the urine test, she should ask why.

    Something that comes on quickly like HSP usually is treated on the NHS as it usually requires a paediatric admission. It wouldn't normally be appropriate to refer privately for this as that would take longer than sending the child into hospital that same day. However if the mum wants a private referral to discuss the illness and possible future exacerbations then the GP could refer for this reason. This all costs a lot of money and an MRI could cost hundreds of pounds, so if the docs suspect HSP they should refer the child for treatment on the NHS. If they are sure the child doesnt have it but the mum wants reassurance, then they could agree to a private (or an NHS) refferral for mums piece of mind.

    Let us know how the little girl is. x
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