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sleep issues-someone help me!!!!

my son is 26 months and im due my second in 8 wks! i feel he is all over the place waking all different times,going to bed all different times and napping roughly same time every day though.he doesnt seem to want to go bed and is crying or playing for ages before falling asleep. logic tells me to cut his nap down or out. but if i do he is so ghrumpy all day i cant do anything with him or take him anywhere!


  • here are some things my friend tried when her two year did the same recently,

    johnsons lavendar bubble bath

    the karvol plug in (she did have a wee bit of a cold at the time)

    also my dentist told me the other day that kids get another set of back teeth at 2yr so this could be another factor

    my son is a bit younger he is only 18months, so we were having an issue with him staying asleep and i read an artical that suggested that the whole family have quiet time before bed, tv off, lights low, little story or some other quite activity, worked for us, he now sleeps straight through,

    i think the key is routine which i'm sure you already have in place, you may just have to hope its a faze due to new baby coming and it will stop soon x
  • well his phases always involve sleep but change.lately its going down nicely but waking at 4am!
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