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breakfast issues

I am having a problem with dd eating bf - in it that she doesn't eat any or if she does eat - it is very little. I have tried giving her a variety of cereals, fruit, toast and egg - but she doesn't seem hungry.

I have tried delaying bf by an hour and it is still the same result. Anyone going through/been through a similar thing? Anyone got any tips?



  • Some days Riley isn't too fussed with breakfast but then he'll eat his snack of fruit or something about tenish. I don't worry too much if he's hungry he'll eat it. Just keep offering and trying different things like you are doing. She'll probably be eating it again next week! x
  • Tyler is the same, he has milk about 6 and then brekkie about 8 the same as when he's in nursery. He's started hating the high chair and standing up in it, i bought a little table and chair for him like nursery and seems to like the novelty of it. He loves hot cross bun bread, so he has that with dry cheerios amd blueberries on a good day.


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