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Paying for proffessional sleep help?

Anyone recommend anyone good? a good website?

DS is nearly 19 months


  • Hiya. I've heard good things about I think they do private consultations x
  • I was going to say the same as Kaycee.

    Also, LaranChloe used wondernanny (Gitte Daniels I think her name is?) and said she was good.
  • I went to a (professional) lecture from Alison-Scott Wright (the sleep fairy) and she seemed to know her stuff and be very personable. This is her website. She works 1-1 with families so maybe worth getting in contact with her?


    p.s there is a 'services' section at the bottom of the page.
  • You'll get a very personal service from
  • Thanks for the replies ladies we are currently looking into each of them, i have told OH ths is not something I am doing entirely on my own, he needs to read up too etc.
  • Hi

    We used baby sleep answers when Ty was 15 months, and it worked after 3 nights. All up in the air as he's ill at the moment, but they were fab. I didn't want to do CC as this makes him sick, but the tricks they asked me to try made it the most gentle it could be for him. Hopefully when he's better wll go back to how he was, the first night after the 3 bad ones he slept for 13.5 hours, now its usually 11 hours a night which was unheard of. I still have a copy of the report if you want one. (depending on what you do to get your baby to sleep).


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