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Early waking - does complete blackout actually help???

DD is one next week and has ALWAYS woken up early - it's normally between 5.30 and 6am. We've been trying really hard to get to sleep past 6 (psycholigically it makes me feel a bit better and not like I have to be in bed by 8 the night before in preparation). We pushed her bed time back to 7.30 but that hasn't impacted her wake up time.

I have a feeling she is just an early riser by nature (DH is too) but I'm just curious about whether a total blackout in her room might help. We already have a blind (normal) plus blackout curtains so tbh it's pretty darn dark in there anyway! Did anyone step it up a gear and use the blackout stuff you actually put on the window? And did you see an improvement?

Thanks! K x


  • We have blackout blinds and heavily lined curtains in Daniel's room as the sun rises outside his window - his room is pitch black other than his nightlight but it doesnt affect what time he wakes up at all. I think it would during the summer with the sun coming in and warming the room up, but if your lo's room is quite gloomy anyway i dont think it would make any difference, sorry probably not what you wanted to hear!! xx
  • we have recently moved DS from one room to another and have had very early wakings as we didnt have a blackout blind until hubby put it up tonight so hoping he sleeps longer like he did in his other room!

    i think it does make a difference although if you already have a blind and curtains the stuff on the window i doubt would make a hige difference?
  • DD has been waking earlier recently, she used to consistently sleep until 7am, but it's been closer to 6am the last couple of weeks. She doesn't have a blackout blind or curtains so it's been quite light in her room.

    I bought a travel blackout blind ages ago, so I thought I'd give it a go last night. There was a bit of huffing and puffing at about 6.20am but she went back to sleep until I went it to get her at 7. Will try again tonight and see how that goes. If it does make a difference I might get something more permanent as the travel blind is a bit of a faff to get up and down (lots of suction cups to stick to the window).
  • Emilia has a black out blind on her window and it makes the room very dark - if it falls at one corner during the night she always wakes early when the sun comes up - so I would say give it a try.
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