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How long does your toddler nap for?

Hello ladies. My DS is 15 months old and I'm wondering whether he's napping for too long during the day. He usually sleeps 2.5-3 hours from around 11am - 2ish. He has started waking up frequently during the night, sometimes wide awake and chatting to himself. Maybe I need to wake him up sooner from his nap? Just curious to know if his napping is normal or not. Thankyou.


  • My 18 month old naps for about an hour and a half each day about 12:00 - 1:30. If he sleeps any longer, which isnt very often then i just let him, however he seems fine going down at night. If your little one is waking in the night then its maybe worth trying to wake him gently after 2 hours or so and just see if it makes a difference. Does he settle himself back to sleep ok in the middle of the night?

    Sorry i cant be of more help.

  • Many thanks for your input ladies. Think I will try letting him have no more than 2 hours, see if it makes a difference. Usually I just let him sleep as long as he needs as I figure he must be tired, but it's worth a try. Some of the time he will settle again fairly easily if he wakes in the night, but other times he'll be awake for 2/3 hours!! Fingers crossed it settles down soon, I can't remember the last time I had more than 2/3 hours uninterrupted sleep! xx
  • DS is 19 months and now he has anywhere from 2-3 hours but still goes to bed about 6.45 and lays there and goes asleep around 7.30 ish and wakes about 6.30 in morning.
  • If he's awake early....say 6-630 then he tends to have 2hrs in afternoon. But this is once in a blue moon. Usually its 30mins-1hour max. Thats when he wakes between 7-730 and goes to bed at 7pm. I used to wake him when he would sleep for too long, as it would always result in him not going to sleep at night, sometimes not going off until 9pm! He's now 19 momths old.

    I'm not saying waking him is the answer, as they are all different, but it was something that worked for us xx
  • Hi,

    K on average has 30 mins during the day. She has more when she is with me at home but the 3 days she is at nusery she has a max of 30 mins. Think she's too nosy and doesn't wnat to miss out! When with me she sometimes has an 1.5 hours (over 2 naps) in the day but I think she's shattered from nursery the day before. She generally sleeps 19:00 - 06:30 so we're lucky.

    It may pay to reduce the nap time slightly just to see if that makes a diference. Sometimes I'd love it if she slept more during the day but that's not to be and I know I'm lucky at night. It's not me waking her in the day though - she just seems to have cat naps.

    She is 19.5 months.

    Really hope you get some more sleep at night soon. Sorry I can't help more


  • at 15 months DS has between 40 mins and 2 hours in the afternoon and goes to bed 8pm-8am
  • lizzie has about an hour and half in the day. if i am at home with her it will sometimes be 2 hours but no longer. she goes to bed between 6:30 and 7pm and we all get up at 6am due to work. on weekends she sleeps longer til about 7-7:30 but then it is hard to get her to nap at all!

  • At 16 months my DS has anything between 30-90 mins xx
  • Hi,

    My 16 month old will normally have 1 hour post lunch at nursery then anything between 1-2 hours when at home. He is in bed for 7.30pm and will sleep through till 6.45am/7pm x
  • ds is 2 and he has 1.5-2hours in the afternoon (2.30-4ish) he goes to bed at 8, and don't have any thinking is that if he's sleeping that long he obv needs it, so i don't wake him, even when we have an odd 3hour nap...sleep breeds sleep and over tired babies/toddlers sleep less well...i would be inclined to let ur lo nap for however long, and if it's extra-ordinarily long put lo to bed half hour later x
  • Bubba is 14 months and depending on when she gets up will have 1.5-3 hours a day. If she's up at 7ish then she will have 1.5 in the morning and then the same in the afternoon. If she wakes after 7am then she will normally only have 1.5 in the afternoon. If she is at nursery or there are things going on she will often only have half an hour a day.

    She goes to bed at 7pm and wakes anywhere from 5.30-7am.
  • Thankyou for your feedback everyone, it's really good to hear what everyone else's LO's are doing. xx
  • DD is 2 and she has 2-3 hours 1-3pm ish, and in bed for 7pm asleep within the hour. Sometimes she has less, sometimes more I don't let her sleep past 4pm though & her napping has no bearing on her night time sleeping.
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