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Potty Training Qs please help.

I am trying to get into a routine of putting lo on a potty to get her use to it prior to D day when we move across to pants.

She is currently at nursery and sits on the potty every day but doesn't do anything. I am trying to get into a routine at home of putting lo on a potty in preparation for D day at Easter when we move across to pants.

I am looking for some advice of a schedule I can adopt. This is my thoughts.....

6.45am get up and on potty.(done wees for last 2 mornings

7.15am finish breakfast and does poo in nappy for last 2 mornings

7.30 on potty. thinking this needs to be straight after bf since I have missed out on capturing the poos.

7.45am leave home to go to nursery.

5pm Come home from nursery and have a play about (no potty).

6.15pm finish dinner and on potty - hasn't done any wees.

6.45pm upstairs for bath (no potty)

Generally my questions are as follows:-

how often should I put lo on the potty? Is there a min or max no of hrs between each potty trip?

What is other's routine for sitting their los on the potty?

for those of you whose lo are at nursery- did you move straight from nappies to pants, or did you move to pull ups in between?

Please help.


  • my little boy was 3 when he started potty training,he was the only one in nursery with nappies but he just wouldnt do it,i went stright to pants,he was dry on the second day so was more than ready to do it,he was just been lazy,you havent said how old lo is? tbh i would just follow her lead,let her lead the way
  • Riley turned 2 a couple weeks ago and is nearly trained. I didn't start with any sort of routine, would just take his nappy off after tea/before bedtime and put the potty out then and try and get him on it when he would.

    I was using pull ups before potty training anyway for ease of change, so he treated them as a normal nappy.

    I now put him in pants most of the time, but if we're going out for a while, or somewhere where there isn't an accessible toilet or whatever I'll put a pull up on him but he'll still try and hold it until we get to a toilet. It's only been a couple weeks so hopefully a couple more weeks and he may be done. I've not been too strict with it, just followed his lead and it's not stopped us going out. x
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