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early waking-but still tired?

my son who is 27 months keeps waking at 6 ish. even if he goes to bed later,has nap,no nap ect. it doesnt matter. trouble is he clearly isnt ready,he is tired and is having trouble staying up past 10! nursery is 915-1145 2x a week and he is a mess! i dont no what to try.


  • Riley had a phase of doing this for a couple mornings last week. On two mornings he woke up somewhere between 5 and 6am which I didn't want him getting into a habit of doing so I put him back to bed, gave him some water and told him it was still sleepy time. He didn't like it too much at first but it only lasted the two mornings and he's gone back to waking at a more reasonable time of 7-7.30am now. Don't think the light mornings help. x
  • i tried ignoring him and he starts crying! we have black out blinds in his room so that shouldnt be it. my second due in 4 wks! arghhhhhh
  • maybe i try again.
  • Yer Riley cried for a bit, but only for a few minutes then he went back to sleep. x
  • We have an early riser - usually between 5-5.30am!! He is just ready to get up at that time so there is nothing we can do about it. Leaving him to cry or telling him to go back to sleep would be completely pointless as he is ready to start the day.

    He goes to nursery twice a week (both mornings) and tends to be okay but is knackered by lunch time. For the other days of the week, I try and get Gabe to have a sleep around 7.30am-8am. He sleeps for about 30 mins but that is enough to keep him going until after lunch.

    The irony is that he is having his first nap of the day at the same time as other children are just waking up :roll:.

    Hope this helps.

  • yeah i think if carson was ready to get up, as much as its early i would accept it. but he isnt really, he is stil tired and beside himself by 10am. i guess i will justy have to take him tuesday-to nursery and see.
  • There are certainly days when G is still tired and on those days I try and put him back. It sometimes works if I am very lucky!

    What time is his first sleep? Is it worth trying to get him down for a quick snooze a couple of hours after he wakes?

    If Carson is anything like Gabe he would rather fight through the tiredness just to get on with the day!

    I am 24 weeks pg so can understand your concerns.

  • trouble is nurser starts at 9am, he only goes 2 mornings a week. no he will fight it,sometimes he will give in but normally before 12,despite being tired well before that and very irritable!
  • I take Gabe to nursery at 8am and on a couple of occasions I have managed to get him to sleep so that he is in nursery by 8.30am. I don't tend to get him to nap on nursery days though because they tell me that he doesn't seem that bothered by tiredness until around 12.30pm. I guess he is so busy he doesn't have time to think about it.

    It has taken a while to get him into the routine but he now knows that by 7.30am we are headed upstairs for sleep time. Mind you, he has woken up at least an hour earlier than Carson so I guess is more tired and ready for it.

    I have had to impose a fairly rigid routine just to make sure he gets this nap in so it hasn't been easy.

    Would it be worth trying to get him into an early nap routine and see how it goes?

  • well he seems to be ok once he is there,but is a mess wheni get him! and i feels so embarrassed as mums look at me, as if to say ' why bring him here?'but he does love it when he there-aprt from sitting down bit!

    he doenst always wake early,some days its 7-8 which is what seems to work fopr him best. i guess if he wakes at 5 ish onward i will to get him to sleep before he goes and see,but i suspect he wont have it.
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