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those whos babys born in hot weather

i had my son in jan so i dont have any experience of this. what can you do to keep temp down in babys room if really hot. its set to get very hot soon. and i no it can get drafty if you have fan/window open so i was wondering what things you guys all suggest? the cot isnt near window anyway so i think i could prob leave open abit,or bathroom window and keep door open as next to ours. also sleeping in a vest alone?


  • My lo was born in Feb last year so was only little during the summer. We bought a fan tbh and when it was really hot she slept in just a nappy and a sheet? A vest and a sheet/thin blanket when it was slightly cooler. This year she is older but I've bought some flat sheets again for the really warm weather and a 1 tog sleeping bag for slightly cooler.

    Hope that helps?
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