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Private Nursery or school attached nursery advice please?

Hi Ladies

I am trying to decide between the two types of nurserys my lo isn't 3 for another year but I am trying to figure my childcare out when I go back to work after having mat leave for this bubs. Currently lo is at childminders 1 day a week when I am at work but when I go back from this mat leave he will be nearly 3 and ready for nursery so I was thinking a private nursery would be best then baby could go there to and they are open 8-6 and I wouldn't have school holidays to cover, if he went to nursery attached to a school I would still need my childminder to take and pick him from school so I would be financialy worse off.

But what I wanted to know is are nursery schools more educational then private nursery and are the children brighter and more ready for school????? or is the individual child and the parents that make the difference is still learning through play at that age? I don't know which school he will get in at when he is school age so that doesn't really affect anything.

Opions experiences welcome

Annette xx


  • hi,

    i'm a qualified nursery nurse and have worked in both school and private nurseries and a good quality private nursery should provide the same quality of education as a school nursery, and depending on the location of the private nursery they may offer a service of taking your child to a school nursery as well,

    not sure how it works in your area but the private nursery i worked in followed the official 3-5 curriculum and was in partnership with the local council, which allowed a qualified teacher to visit twice a week,

    i would suggest that if you are leaning towards a private nursery, call them ,ask to visit, meet the staff because the most important thing is that you must feel comfortable leaving your child with them

    hope this helps x
  • Hi. My daughter went to a public nursery school and my niece went to a private nursery. Although they both do well in school my daughter was moved up 6 months early as nursery no longer stimulated her brain. She has been student of the year 2 years running and is well above her avarage for her age, something I am very proud of (obviously)

    I personally wouldn't consider placing my children in private school when a public school can do the same thing. Its just my opinion. A lot of people say that private school is better but my niece was bullied at her school where as I have never had issues with my daughter. I would call both and ask to visit, meet the people that work there and decide then what you would like to do

    Good luck x
  • Thanks ladies more views welcome Reuben's birthday is 20th August so I think he'll be in fulltime school the September when he's 4 anyway (youngest in class) so nursey would only be for a year he wouldn't be going to a private school its just the nursery i'm considering.
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