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Hi all , back again ! Well just after info etc . After worrying about my eldest dd eyes , had optician appointment - turns out she is fine , but my youngest has a squint and can't see out of 1 eye ( ahdn't noticed anything - oops!!!)

Have hospital appointment in  a month or so , but just wondered if anyone here had any experience , looked up bits on internet , but lots out there !  She says that if cover her "good" eye it is all dark and "fizzy" - we are not sure how much vision she has in the bad eye - just wondered if anybody had personal experience of having squint / "lazy eye"  with reduced vision - am just interested in what she can actually see out of the eye ( we know she has some vision as she can count fingers close up etc ) -  only just out of curiosity and so that I can explain / help her a little bit .

Many thanks xx


  • can't you go to the doctor earlier? instead of waiting for a month, it's better if you will get that checked earlier. i don't have any experience though but hoping you will have it figured out soon dear.

  • Hi Thanks for reply , unfortunatley that is the earliest appointment anywhere has ( and that's with an "urgent"  referral !!!!!)  -   Optician has said we need to be seen within 3 months , so it looks like it will be ok , it is alos at a "good " hospital , so just having to wait now !

    Thanks again for your reply ! x

  • Hi

    I have a squint/lazy eye (my right one) and am very short sighted in it.  It is less obvious now as an adult though, most people don't even notice.  On most of my childhood photos you can tell, but as an adult I worked out which ways to hold my head so you can't see it.

    I now wear contact lenses in both eyes (gas permeable ones) that I was prescribed by the hosptial, and have done since I was 8 as my left eye is also short sighted).  Although my vision is very poor in my right eye my left is OK (with my corrective lens in)  so it hasn't held me back.  I did quite well at school, got a degree, have a normal job and learned to drive, so I'm sure you're litle one will be just fine even if she does have a squint and less than perfect vision!

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