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Toddler bed?

What age have your toddlers moved to a bed? Mine is 16 months and I think we would have more luck getting him to sleep in a bed. He can climb that high safely and I thought we could get some sort of partial low down rail of some sort to stop him falling out in the night.


  • Hi,

    My LO started waking in the night again when he was about 18months for no reason. We bought him a bed with the best quality matress we could get. Im sure his cot matress was getting too thin for his ever growing body and so felt he was ready for his own bed.

    Luckily he seemed to take to it straight away, he absolutely loves his bed still (he's 2 and half now). We've had a few wobbles along the way, usually when he's been sick and we've stayed with him in the night, he then pushes his luck with us once he's better by getting up in the night, crying etc.

    When he ocassionally tries it on and gets up in the night we pick him up and put him straigt back in his bed explaining he has to sleep there and we'll see him in the morning, kiss etc the first time. Then every time after that we just pick him up, say nothing and put him back to bed. Sometimes this can go on for several times in the night but once its done after a couple of nights he sleeps right through. We haven't had to do this again for about 4months now- last time was after a week of illness due to chicken pox! Its understandable but you have to stay strong and show them your will is stronger tha theirs (even if your crumbling inside!!!!)

    Good Luck image
  • we moved LO at 13 months as he was getting good at climbing and that was the safest option, apart fom the first night (novelty) hes been fab we have a toddler bed so its vey low, we dont have a gaurd which hasnt been a problem x
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