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bedtime nightmare - tips

my toddler is now 3 years old, bedtime is a nightmare. I dont have much patience come bedtimes, so my husband does alot of them. this is due to me being tired as im up 5 days a week at 5am for work and im 31 wks pregnant.

anyone got any tips on this?

he watches tv for about an hour 7-8pm, maybe bad idea, then want him to sleep. he usually goes about 10pm finislly drops off after screaming fits. its due to him wanting to come in our bed but stopping that.


  • have you thought about asking you health visitor if they have a sleep trainer in the area? they might have some programs to try

    we have used both the retreat and CC at different times for settling but we still having coming in to us at night but with 5 weeks to go before our next arrives i'm not going to tackle that one!

    do you think hes playing up because of the imminent arrival?
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