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2nd time round mummies

Hi all,

I have a 26 month old son and am now 6 weeks pregnant. He can become very jealous when I hold other children / babies and so am a little concerned about him when the baby arrives. I'm planning to get him as involved as possible before the baby arrives, but was just wondering how everyone else told their first born (or second or thirds come to think of it!)? did you do anything special to make it easier?



  • we just done what you say your doing too. just involved her from the start. she was the first person we told and she first peron to see her sister, she brought baby a present which she chose (and her sister had a presetn for her too) 1 thing i did learn-if you ask for help chosing names be prepared to HAVE to use a name they like,lol

  • Ha ha thanks, i'll remember that!
  • My ds was 22 months when his brother came along. We involved him as much as possible and got some really good books for toddlers that he loved reading. They explained about mummy having a baby etc...

    He has been a little jealous but on the whole pretty good so far x
  • I am due my 2nd in a week. We didn't tell our 2 year old until I was about 20 weeks plus and my bump started to grow (it is a long time for them to wait for baby once they have been told).

    We have visited lots of friends with babies to get her used to babies and me cuddling babies. She plays a lot with her dolls, changing their nappies, rocking them to sleep, dressing them etc.

    We will be giving her a pressie from her new baby bro and we will get her to shop for a new toy for her bro.

    I am nervous about how it all works out!!! Hopefully they will get used to it all quickly! Good luck!! x
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