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We put our 20 month old son into a cot bed three weeks ago as he would spend up to 2hrs a night screaming in his cot. He's managing to sleep through the night now, until at least 6am which is good for him but the problem is putting him to bed. His bedtime routine has always been, washed, pj's on and teeth cleaned 645pm, milk at 7ish then bed 730pm. He used to go to bed fine in his cot, always awake and we would say goodnight and leave him, and have the evening to ourselves. Now it's taking me over an hour some nights as he just keeps getting out of bed, no matter how many times i put him back he just gets up until he gets so tired he gives in, i thought he would of been into a routine by now, i'm getting to my wits ends can anyone help me with any tips, i think i've tried everything now!


  • No advice I'm afraid as you seem to be doing everything already. All I will say is that my son (29 months) goes through bad periods but they pass quickly after a few nights. The last couple of nights he has gone down really well but before that he would cry and cry and cry until I got him up under strict instruction he was to sit nicely with us, usually within ten minutes he was half asleep and back in bed - I think he feels he's missing out on something!

    hope it passes soon for you too!
  • Hi

    Your lo maybe adjusting to having his bed now and the freedom to get up and about. Have you got a stairgate on his room, i have with mine as he would wander aroung in all rooms causing chaos!! ANd he usually will play for while then he tends to get himself in bed when tired, if he does play for too long i do remind him, it bedtime and put him back in bed.

    Also think your doing the take back to bed routine that supernanny suggests, i tried this with my son the other week in day as he was getting up and standing at gate shouting etc and i kept goin back and putting him in bed but he just found it funny!! (So my solution to that was he now naps in travel cot.)

    Think you need to keep doing the put to bed routine with him and it may only need couple more nights for him to get msg or try a gate on door if this may work. image
  • Hi Satrev, I had to reply as this sounded like my story with my DS about 3 month ago. He was fine in cotbed then all of a sudden would be at the door crying? In the end we put a stair-gate on the door and told him I would wait on the landing and leave the door open a crack and sneak away. This seemed to settle him right down and he doesn't get out of bed now even if he has a night-mare he will just shout for mammy and I will go up. Hope you get it sorted soon as I know from experience how tiring and frustrating it can be.
  • Thanks for your advice, tonight took 15 mins and he only got out twice. I just said when i put him to bed 'Right you don't get out of your bed tonight'. he said no but is waited on the landing as i knew he'd be up. When he got up i put him straight back and he tossed and turned but went off, i managed to get downstairs and make a coffee whe i heard mummy, so i went and put him back in and he went straight to sleep. Lets hope we carry on like this.

    Thanks again.
  • Congrats Satrev, I know how exhauseted I felt when my DS was doing this and how relieved I was when his sleeping sorted itself out again. Hope he keeps up the good work image
  • Hi

    My son is 2 and is awful at going to sleep at night image . I put him to bed around 6.30-7pm and he can still be awake at 1030.-11pm image . I have had to take everything out of his room as he goes on a rampage! lol. He even moves his bed around the room and takes bedsheets off etc! I just leave him to it now as i was finding myself up and down the stairs all night and could never relax :roll: . When he finally gives in and goes to sleep i go into his room and put him in bed! It's not uncommon for me to be asleep before him at night. :cry: . I think he is just testing mine and my husbands patience to be honest! He is winning at the moment. He starts playgroup in September so i really need to get him into a good sleep routine before then! It's very tiring!! :roll:

    Danielle xx
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