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Controlled crying!

Can someone explain to me how to go about the controlled crying method!

My little girl has hst turned 1 and since being poorly a few weeks ago we seem to have gone back to square 1 where she refuses to go to bed awake and most often then not wakes when we are trying to put her in her cot! It's got to the point where the last few nights she's still been awake at 10-11 pm! Help! Xxx


  • I done controlled crying my with son when he had just turned one too. I took him into his bedroom, sat on a chair with him and read him a bedtime storythen i puthim straight in the cot and leave the room.

    I left him to cry for 2 minutes, went back into the room, told him it was night night time and left again for 4 mins this time. Then went back in and said night night again. Each time you leave the room you extend the time by 2 mins again before you go back in. My son was really good at this and we never had to go in more than 4 times.

    However you have to be strong as its horrible to hear your baby cry but it really does work. Within four days of us starting controlled crying our son was going to sleep on his own and sleeping right through the night.

    Good luck
  • I did my own version of controlled crying, which worked by the 3rd night. I only left lo for a couple of minutes.

    I would lay him down, say night night, then leave. If he cried intermittently I'd leave him. If it was continuous I'd go in again, lie him down and sooth him with shhh, stroking his head etc. then again night, night, and leave. If he cried again I would only ever leave him a couple of minutes. It took 45 minutes to settle the first night, 10 minutes the nest, and the 3rd night not a peep from him!

    That was before he was one, now I just leave him to it, unless he is properly crying which usually means he's thrown his mislin out!

    Good luck, and stick with it. xx
  • I hate controlled crying, it really is the most awful thing to hear your baby cry, but it does work! I also did my own version as I couldn't bare to hear him screaming, and sometimes he would make himself sick!

    I carry on with his normal bedtime routine and leave the room, saying night night. If he cries I go in after about a minute, sometimes he will settle himself. If he is really going for it, I stand in his room but with my back to him, and gradually inch my way out and eventually he falls asleep. This usually works if he's been ill or got out of his routine.

    Most of the time now I only need to go in a couple of times, and can leave the room without him screaming too much. If he's just whinging I tend to leave him but if he's really crying and sounds upset, I go back in.

    It is very hard, particularly the first night or two but it does work, and you're not doing anything to hurt them, so persevere, and I'm sure you'll have positive results!

    Good luck!
  • my 16 month old has now got the habit of playing with my hair as he goes to sleep so if i try to leave he realises im going and wakes up again.ive tried teddies etc but it doesnt work.can anyone help?should i just try the controlled crying and let him gocold turkey as they say.or would you do it slowly and start that way?any help would be appreciated...Thank you

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