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breastfesd toddlers: how much milk?

Hi there

My daughter loves her breastmilk and would have bits all day if I let her! However, her main milk feeds are morning, afternoon, bedtime and once in the night. I'm really having difficulty getting her to stop this middle of the nightr feed image

When I read about bottle babies they seem to be on a lot less.

What are other breastdfes toddlers drinking? Amber is 17 months.


  • My DD was down to just a morning BF at 12 months and I stopped BFing completely at 14 months (I would've continued this feed much longer if it wasn't preventing me from conceiving) and switched her onto cows milk in the morning. She started off having a Tommee Tippee sippy cup full which increased to two cups full when she got to about 18 months.

    She doesn't have milk to drink at any other time of day but she does have a lot of dairy in her diet.


    Mrs B xxx
  • Ok thanks. I had to drop to 3 feeds to conceive.
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