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High pitch screaming

Hello I was hoping you can all help my 18 month old boy keeps screaming a really high pitch scream, he does this constantly I was in doctors waiting room and that's all he did

Does anyone other LO do this and if so how do you stop it? I end up giving in and give him either raisins or even his dummy( which he only gets for naps and bed) so to quieten him down this only works for a little bit and then he starts again

I am also pregnant due in November and I am really panicking how I will cope with a baby aswell?


  • is it for attention or because he can't communicate what he wants? My daughter occasionally does this if she wants something and is struggling to communicate it?
  • My DS (21 months) has started screeching but with him he's just experimenting with his mouth and the sounds he can make rather than a behavioural thing. He'll screech and then toddle over and say 'from mouth'...great!

    I think I would try and ignore the attention seeking (if that is what it is) screaming as much as possible to not over tell him off or give him too much attention when he does it so he gets bored. If you're in public give him his dummy/food but without giving him much attention. We've just started asking Cam if he can be quiet for mummy and uber praising him when he does (not often!!!) but you know what they say about praising good behaviour and all. Hopefully he'll grow out of it soon! x
  • my lg is 17 months and she has started doing this too. she usually laughts afterwards and if we shh or tell her to be quiet she dioes it more! she often does it when we are in the supermarket, or when we are driving. I think it is an attention thing, which usually means that she is tired and needs a nap. She seems to get really silly and enegergetic right before she is due anap, or bedtime
  • forgot to add - like flimpo we usually find distraction is te best way to stop it ( eg. in the supermarket give her something to hold, or ask her to put things in the trolley) but its not always possible. In the car - we often end up singin nursery rhymes all the way home to distract her! Im sure some of the other drivers think im gesturing at them when we do tommy thumb or wind the bobbin up! (when hubby driving by the way lol)
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