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Cloth nappies

Hi ladies,

I am thinking of using reusables with my no2 when he/she arrives & just wondered if anyone had any recommendations of particular brands or tips for using them, how many to buy etc?

Thanks so much, any advice would be very welcome image


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  • We used bumgenius with first and will use again with the next one. I also had some cheap Ebay ones called "naughty baby" and they are just as good.

    We have 28 nappies but we dont have a tumble dryer so needed a few extra.

    We normally go through 6 or 7 nappies a day. It depends how much you want to be washing. We tend to put a wash on every night, so always have nappies washing or drying.

    I love cloth and my little boy has NEVER had nappy rash. I would defo reccommend. xxx
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