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Hire Car Child Seat - anyone used one?


I just wondered if anyone had any experience (good or bad) using a car seat in a hire car? We are thinking of going to Europe this year but are a bit nervous about the car seat supplied by the hire car company (our LO is a toddler).

What is your experience and has anyone come across a portable car seat if there is such a thing!

Thanks for any replies.


  • Hello there, we've used one twice in the past couple of months for our 29 month old daughter. We rented through Hertz in Switzerland and it was a Britax baby seat which felt very safe.

    We have just got back from a couple of weeks in Spain (rented the car through a random holiday rental company and it was a seat of undetermined branding).

    I think it partly depends where you are going/who you rent from as to quality I think. Roslyn didn't feel unsafe or at risk though we did have some fun in Spain as we were knackered after the journey and had to try and keep control of Roslyn whilst adjusting the straps repositioning the straps to the higher setting.

    One other thing to be aware of is we have always had isofix car seats at home and rental seats will be seatbelt took us a bit of time to work out how to attach the seat correctly both times. Car hire company employees won't generally help you attach the seat either (for liability purposes I assume).

    I hope that helps.

  • Hi Munchkinsmum,

    Thank you for taking the time you share your experiences; I found it very helpful/

    We are a little apprehensive but I think you make a good point about the quality aspect and hire car company. We tend to use Hertz so will probably stick with them or another reputable one. Isofix, yes, we are used to that so the seatbelt style seats could be fun to work out!

    Thanks again.

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