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waking in the night

my lo is 3 years of age and has started to wake up in the night crying   she has sleppt through the night since she was one and I have never had a problem when it comes to sleep before but now she getting up in the night up to 7 or 8 times some nights  only once or twice she has a bedtime routine that we stick to religoulsly every night she not scared or wetting the bed  she has said her throat hurting her dont now whether to get it checked by the doctor


  • I would take her to the Dr to get her throat checked out in case that is the problem.  I had terrible tonsilitis as a toddler which only improved when they were eventually taken out!  Do you give her Calpo or equivalent when she says it hurts?

    Keep up with the bedroom routine too, I think you need to be consistent.  If she comes out of her room for no good reason  just take her back calmly and put her back into bed, don't start a debate with her about it.  My son occasionally wakes at night, and I just show him that it's dark outside to reinforce that it's sleep time, that seems to work with him!

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