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Help! At my wits end with poorly toddler and doctors don't seem to helping!

My son has had an excema type rash for about a month now - it start off as just dry patches but quickly became red and sore and two of these patches got so bad they started bleeding and skin was broken etc. Not very nice!! Over the last month this has gone from bad to worse - it is now all over his body and his face!! He is more or less well in himself, at the beginning he had a fever but that went shortly after starting first lot of antibioitics. He is now full of a cold and a bit chesty - but this has developed only in the last week. We have been to the doctors numerous times, and seen 3 different doctors (one in a wlak in centre and 3 at my gp surgery). Everytime we go they say a different thing!!!!!!!!

Walk in doctor said - he doens't know!! Gave us hydrocortizone cream, antibiotics and told us to get second opinion from our own GP.

GP 1 said - Impetigo. Gave us Fucidin, amoxycillin.

GP 2 said - we've been twice. First time she didn't say what it was but prescribed diprobase. This made it MILES worse. We've been back and she now says virus so has given us some more antibioitcs and fucidin H. She won't refer us to anyone.

I just don't know what to think!! Ive had 4 different diagnosis and I feel like I've lost all confidence in my doctors. It's just so upsetting so see my son covered in this horrible dry red rash. It doesn't all itch him, but some bits do and he gets uncomfortable in the bath where as he used to love it.

I suppose I am just asking what you think my next step should be?? It all just feels so hopeless. Thanks for reading this far!!!


  • Hi Snugglenush

    My little boy, who was one yesterday image has a really bad rash on his bum. It looks really painful and he refuses to sit down in the bath. My sister is a nursery nurse and she said it looked like ringworm. I looked online for pics and it did look like it was ringworm. It is also really contagious and patches were appearing on his face. The doctor gave me some cream which cleared it up a bit but it is still really itchy. I just try and keep it really moistrised.

    I totally understand your lack of trust in doctors. My lo has had the same patch on his bum for months and i've had to change my doctors already as my last one was so useless!

    Defo agree laranchloe look online for pics and trust your own instinct

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