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weaning of breast

im trying to wean my baby off the breast but he is obsessed with suckling for comfort and falling asleep with it. has anybody got any tips on how to ease him off, he is 1 year old and on 3 meals a day. he also doesnt like formula as he has never had it before.


  • HI there. Firstly,  well done on managing to bf this long!

    You shouldnt need to wean him onto formula-my oldest son was bf until he was 18months and formula never once passed his lips, but it is very difficult to get them off when your ready!

    I had a similar scenario with him.  I would suggest that firstly when you think he isnt actually feeding and just comfort sucking, just unlatch him, and give him lots of cuddles instead.  he might not like it at first (as my wee one didnt!)  but im sure he'll soon start to like lots of cuddles more.  Once you have that first step, actually weaning him off might be a little easier.  my HV told me that i shouldnt offer him a bf, but if he asked for one i shouldnt refuse him either-it took a bit of time in the end but it worked!!

    i think that once babies reach the age of 1 they can start drinking cows milk (unless there is an allergy).  Am sure someone will be able to clarify that!  If that is the case could you start offering him some cows milk too?

    Anyway hope this gives you some ideas, am sure there will be plenty of tips from some of the others to help you on your way! 

    Good Luck!!image

  • Hello Emma,

    You have to stop BF step by step, As he is one yr old, You can give him cow's milk, Just start with one bottle a day, and check whether it suits him (if he is ok)then continue with cow's milk, Warm the milk for about 30-40 sec in the microwave oven.When you start givIng him Cow's milk he will slowly come out of BF, Now my daughter is 14 months, I just brestfeed her only once during nights, but not during the days as she is having Cow's milk during day and during her bed time.
    Just try this.
    Hope this helps
  • When I was weaning my middle daughter who is quite clingy to me I found it was best to enlist the help of m family and get them to try to distract her, with all the family and friends around at Christmas and new toys it seems the perfect time!  If I was sat down she asked a lot so I wore less accessible clothing, and stood up and took her to kitchen for a drink and made a big deal about how big girls can choose their own cup.  Her grandma and her gran both bought her a special cup to use at their houses and we spent a lot of time choosing them whilst out shopping.  She always chose a different colour tommy tippee cup which we eventually used as a double handled cup without the lid.

    I gave her cows milk in a cup not a bottle but found she would only accept it if it was mixed with expressed milk so I had to express and gradually reduce the amount.  I dropped the night feeds once she was on solids as she was sleeping through and no longer woke for them. 

    It took us a good few weeks to get used to it, 2 years on she still will not ask for milk but will drink it if its slightly warmed and offered to her at breakfast time.

    My youngest is currently making the switch from formula to cows milk and is addicted to her bottle and will not accept any milk out of a beaker at the moment which I'm finding a lot harder as she seems to expect it in a bottle and if I give it her in a cup she will say bottle to her dad and refuse to drink it.

    Hope its going ok for you!

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