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Toddler poo problems


Our 2 and a half year old has always had trouble doing a poo.  He normally takes 4/5 days between each poo but has now gone 7 days! He does start to try to poo after the third day but really struggles bright red face etc image He has a varied diet and last time we took him to the doctors they said that this was just his normal cycle.  Cant see how having a poo once a week is normal though!!  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks


  • Does he eat a lot during the day? And does he eat plenty of fruit, veg or bran type food?

    A friend of mine has had a similar problem with her little girl and she has been buying the Innocent smoothies and giving her one with her breakfast, as well as topping up her normal cereal with a small handful of all bran and she has said it has got loads better and her daughter is now going every or every other day.

    Hope this helps.

  • Stool consistency would be another essential thing to take into consideration. If toddler poop is constantly slimy, consult your doctor. The perfect consistency of toddler poop should be similar to mustard.Adult Sex Toys

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