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26 months old speech

Hi, my little boy is 26months old and has very little speech. I have 2 older children and my 2nd was a late talker but not as late as this and i am really starting to panic. I suppose i am looking for reassurance. He repeats things sometimes and says some single words but most of the time it is just babble. Any advice????


  • My son didn't talk until he was 34m. When he did he spoke in sentences! Some children are later than others. Ds2 was speaking at 14m. If you are really worried contact your Hv, they may check his hearing etc. Ds1 hearing was checked and all was fine. He may just not need to talk with 2 older siblings! Sorry not much help but i am sure he Will speak in time image x
  • DD1 initially started babbling at 4mths & we hoped she'd be an early talker, alas we seem to have gone backwards since DD2 arrived & now at 33mths old she uses mainly babble & hand gestures to communicate.

    From speech & language therapy we have been advised to offer choices often through the day (would they like cereal or toast, milk or juice,etc..) to help communication.  If LO shows interest in an object tell them what it is.  The main key is to keep your language with them simple (speak as if you too were a child) & remember they learn differently.

  • Thanks ladies. Going to have a word with hv.xx
  • Hi!

    I was worried about my daughters speech at that age...she did use some words but still babbled loads! The hv told me that as long as she was understanding then she was probably fine. Now at 30 months she speaks in 4 word sentences and is picking up new words every day!

    I also discovered that there is a speech and language drop in session at my local childrens centre once a month where you can call in and speak to a speech therapist about your concerns...may be there is something similar in your area...might put your mind at rest! xx

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