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Hey everyone, here's my sons story so far. He was diagnosed with hydronephrosis at my 20 week scan, I had to go and see a specialist who was an awful woman, she told me he had two different illnesses (downs syndrome and dwarfism) I had a amnio which came back fine image (not that it would have made any difference to me) after he was born he started having tests to check his kidney function and that's been going on for 3 years. This July his consultant decided surgery was necessary his kidney function was at 53%. All went well until he had his stent removed in September kidney function dropped to 21%. So he had to go in for an emergency nephrostomy. I was told after the initial surgery that it was 95% effective. Where did everything go wrong? He's now at risk of loosing his kidney image. He is having surgery again on the 30th of this month but his consultant is undecided to what he's going to do.. I'm so worried Has anyone been through anything similar? Sorry it's so long image xxx
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