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Swapping milk for soya

Hi My son age 2 has bad eczema. I have been advised to cut diary out of his diet but it's the one thing he loves as he's a v fussy eater. I just wondered if anyone has substituted soya milk, cheese, yoghurt etc and if so did you swap over gradually or just swap from one day to the next and how did your child react?  Thanks alot, Emma


  • We swapped my son to soya when he was 9 months. Not from the request of the doctor, he wanted to do tests but because diary is a common complaint in my family. It is the best thing that we ever did. He is now three. The next day after the swap his skin was perfect. He has soya on his breakfast and occasionally before bed, he doesn't like cheese but I let him have a diary yoghurt a day and we don't have any problems x
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