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Problems going to sleep



I've got a (nearly) two and a half year old who screams on and off for around 30-45 mins each night when going to bed.  We are currently letting him cry for 2 mins, then we pop in and firmly say 'sleepy time;' etc, then 5 mins then pop in again, then 10 mins.  He gave up his dummy about a month ago, then fell ill and then this started and has been going on for two weeks at least.  I don't want to give him his dummy back and I don't really want to cuddle him to sleep but does anyone have any advice/previous experience?? We also have a 5 month old and I really don't want him to be woken (at the moment it doesn't wake him)


Should we try a night light? Previously he has 'read' himself to sleep but not sure if a light is a good thing??


Once asleep he sleeps til the morning 90% of the time (I know I am very lucky with that)


Any tips/ stoires/ pointers welcome the crying is starting to break my heart image



  • Sadly it could all be due to him giving up his dummy shortly before being ill.  Was he allowed dummy whilst ill or did you maintain the no dummy routine?

    He is still young (there are 3-5yr olds who still have dummies for bedtime) & will be seeking some degree of comfort.  If you're determined not to let him have a dummy nor mummy/daddy cuddles work on finding him something you don't mind (a blankie or cuddly toy).  You can even add your smell to the item by hugging it yourself for a few mins during the day.  Best wishes & good luck

  • Thanks Kazzie M, I feel really bad cos I know that really he is still a baby (he'll always be my baby lol), we had a chat this afternoon and I asked why he cries when he goes to bed and that there is no need to be sad that w elove him v much and the sooner he goes to bed the sooner its morning and we can get up and play and I explained that when he cries it makes me feel sad and he said 'promise no crying at nigh-nighs mummy' (and so far he is doing great)


    Fingers crossed!!!

    He has a 'Mr Bear' to snuggle with and was more than happy to swap dummys for a Mr Tumble cuddly toy lol


    Thanks again image

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