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i took a picture of my toddler and there is a white reflection in his eye

so for over 1month now my son has not been well, iv seen 5 different doctors, hes really run down and it started where both his eyelids were red, then a week later one seamed to have a sty, so we seen a doctor who gave him drops, which did not work.... then the sty got big and yellow and popped. we have had 3 different sets of drops and 1 ointment to rub along his eyelids.... none of them are working at all. his eyes are very red with some discharge and he says they are sore and is often rubbing them. we seen a new doc last week who took swabs from the eyes. we are waiting for results still. so yesterday we went out for a few hours, my son was on a ride indoors and i took a picture of him on my phone, it did have a flash on. i looked at the pictures today and on one of them hes got a white reflection on his eye, as if it were a red eye that you get on some pictures.... but its white.
i remember reading something a few years ago about a little girl who had this and it was cancer... what are other reasons you may get a white reflection from a toddlers eye??? and would the symptoms hes been having for 5weeks fit with something so serious? i am now beside myself with worry


  • I did some googling for you and a white reflection can happen for many reasons - this can tell you about them.  This paragraphy may be particularly reassuring ... 'If a photo shows a large white reflection but all other photos are normal, this is unlikely to be retinoblastoma.'

    Get him checked by the doc both for your peace of mind and to make 100% certain but try not to worry as I'm sure it's nothing.

    I hope that has been some help hun.


  • Hi, I just wondered how your little one was getting on and whether you'd managed to get his eye checked out?

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