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Help toddler not yet talking

Hi I just joined today am currently expecting my 2nd child Jin July. I would really like some advice on toddlers talking.

my 21month old daughter hasn't said her first word yet. is this normal? She was born 5 weeks premature will this have a big effect on her development? 

She understands everything her dad and I say to her she points at things she wants and makes sounds but no words as of yet. I tell her to say words she just smiles do I put this down to her taking her time. She currently doesn't attend nursery either would being around children that speak encourage her a bit more? 

Please help her i am starting to think ive missed something 


  • Hi

    You should ring your health visitor if you are worried. 

    I think they will look into it if she teaches two.  But a friend of a friend's son isn't saying many words at two and they say he is fine. 

    Nurswy and interaction in general definitely helps. So does singing etc. 

    Nobody will put your mind at rest other than is HV I suspect. 

  • Hi

    I wrote a long reply but it got deleted!  Grr.

    My dd is approaching 16 months and hv is referring her for hearing test as she hasn't said any words. She's not worried but said that they would normally check with a speech therapist at 18 months if not saying anything. 

    I agree with tuliprose,  speak to your hv or gp and if they feel  she needs a little kickstart they will refer her. As tuliprose says the best thing is to keep talking as much as yoi cam and singig lots of nursery rhymes. 

    I hope you get the 1st word soon. GP x

  • If you get her to listen to music or join in a sing a long with her, maybe that will help.  My youngest did start talking properly till he was 3 years.  I have 3 kids so I don't remember when my oldest started talking cos that was years ago.


  • some children dont talk until they are 4!

    try this ok.... try asking her to do something..... eg pass the baby wipes. see if she does it. if she understands what you say, dont worry about the talking. if she does as you ask then she can hear you and can understand and there is nothing wrong. if you are worried contact your health visitor but they will say the same thing

  • My son said his first word on his second birthday as clear as anything and hasn't stopped talking since! His vocabularly was awesome from that day so we think he had just been listening, taking all the words in and storing them. 

    But just remember this - Einstein didn't talk until he was 4! 


  • Hello, i was looking for some help because my 3 years old girl was not talking enough, so i found this guide to teach you how to deal with your  Toddler talking 

  • Not all under twos talk very much or at all, my boy didn't say much at all until he was about 3. Maybe because he was a little behind, or maybe because his older sister is a chatterbox! But now he is doing just fine. 

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