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My son turned one last week and started walking around 8 weeks ago so now is running around and always on the move. Im worried I'm not giving him enough food but he gets fed up in his hair chair and just wants to run off. What portion sizes do you feed your toddlers? Do you give them bigger meals or more snacks to keep them going? 


  • I went through this when my little one started walking at 8 months and 3 weeks. i started putting extra high calories food items into his meals (cheese) and giving him more snacks. After about a month, he started wanting to eat for for lunch and dinner. So he decided when he wanted to be given more food.

  • I only spoke to a nutritionist recently about this (shes a friend of a friend) and supposedly we generally as a nation our little ones portion sizes are already too big!! Their meat and veg should be the size of the childs fist. I know I'm a culprit for overfeeding my little one if you go by these rules however most of what she its is homemade and good for her so I will continue as I always have!!


  • It's hard isn't it! After having friends to stay we realised our portion sizes were much bigger than theirs and our children are smaller and younger!  Even things like I'd give a pear or an apple but guidelines say it should just be half... oops!  Now we have two eating it's easier to give just half and not waste any food.  But we have been making a conscious effort to reduce portion sizes and I have to say they haven't really seemed to notice thankfully! Although my husband still thinks I'm feeding them too much!

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